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A Virtuous Revolution

This series emphasizes the importance of the need for virtuous men and women who will seek the truth of God's Word and live by its principles. God's people are encouraged to live righteously, avoid sin, and glorify God with their lives. The phrase "man up" is sometimes referenced to reinforce the idea that people need to take responsibility for their calling and actions so as to be strong in their faith.
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Another Gospel

In the Bible, Paul warns against the preaching of "another gospel" which contradicts the true gospel of Christ. This warning emphasizes the importance of staying true to the core beliefs and teachings of Christ and His apostles. This series highlights the dangers of major false teachings that can lead people astray from the truth.  We are called to discern what is true and to reject these false teachings that deviate from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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The "Anato-ME" of a Worshipper

This series highlights the anatomy of a worshipper, involving the hands lifted in praise (Lamentations 3:41, 1 Timothy 2:8), the heart and soul fully engaged in adoration (1 Peter 2:9), and the tongue offering up continual sacrifice of praise (Hebrews 13:15).  All of these elements come together in worship to express devotion to God.
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Availing Much

This series highlights the power of prayer, which connects us to God and invites His intervention in our lives. Prayer can move God to move mountains, heal the sick, bring deliverance, and transform nations. Jesus Himself prayed fervently, and His disciples followed His example, experiencing remarkable answers to prayer. Through prayer, we can express our deepest needs to God and seek alignment with His will for our lives.
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Blueprint of the Home

In this series, we learn how the Bible provides a perfect blueprint for home life and family raising, with instructions for both husbands and wives to love, respect, and serve one another, and for parents to discipline and instruct their children with patience and wisdom, instilling in them the principles of God's Holy Word.
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But We See Jesus

Jesus Christ is seen throughout the Bible as the promised Messiah and Savior of the world. He is foreshadowed and prophesied of in the Old Testament and then his birth, life, death, and resurrection are fulfilled in the New Testament. The Bible's ultimate message is about Jesus and his redemptive work for humanity.  This series exalts Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.
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